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wine better

Just like wine, this leaves you wanting more of GIANVITO ROSSI’s excellent expressions of feminity. He sure was right when he said; the real luxury of shoes lies in the pleasure of slipping them on, cos what I see here would definitely give some good loving to my feet giggling

I found this piece in GIANVITO ROSSI’s Spring Summer 2016 shoe closet, and could not take my cursor off it! I mean, why on earth wouldn’t I feature this? shrugs

This burgundy Crisscross Stiletto Sandal is chic and simple, flattering your feet and ankle with its soft wrap around ankle tie. I personally love suede shoes, so that’s a plus for CRISSY!

I also fancy the color; not too loud, just tasteful and cool. So if you are a “girly-girl” like me, smiles this would certainly be on your coup de coeur list! (crush list)

Thanks GIANVITO. You rock!






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