RIVER ISLAND Color Block Sandal

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river island3

Color variations are glam and trending these days. True. But color block is way more fun and has definitely come to stay!

RIVER ISLAND sure did it right with this high street, up-to-the-minute, five-colored Strappy Stiletto Heel Sandal! It’s so ravishing with its sweet-blended color and pattern mix, making it difficult to overlook.

It has a zip-back fastening to keep your foot in place, giving you style, comfort and balance all at once!

It is sassy and tasteful, perfect for elevated casuals and dressy night outs. If you’ld love to have it, it’s available here.

So girlfriend, when next you’ll be out for a lunch date or with friends for an evening get-together, don’t forget to step out of your “style box” and make some bold fashion statement with this irresistible RIVER ISLAND Color Block Stiletto Heel!

If you consent, take this – high five!




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