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I feel very sad typing this. So so sad.

I was supposed to announce the winners of the shoe care product which I had planned and mentioned in my anniversary post to give to my readers, as a way of celebrating Chic-Soles’ 2nd month anniversary. But clearly, no one attempted the task; not even the first step of sending an email indicating interest. Honestly, I feel so disappointed ‘cos my hopes were REALLY high.

Well…things happen. But that doesn’t in any way mean that I’m giving up on you guys 🙂

I would have been so glad if at least one or two people had made an attempt you know…But well, loyalty is built with time, so I won’t rush you. I’ll give you the time you need to get used to seeing Chic-Soles around.

Regardless, I’ll always be here; bringing to your notice the juiciest foot candies (shoes) which you can add to your shoe-shopping cart and which will no doubt help in expressing that fabulousity you’ve got on your inside.

Thanks for reading.

Have a peaceful night rest 🙂







  1. OH NO I’M SO SORRY! I really thought people would get involved through Facebook- I only use WordPress you see. But I DID follow you because I love your blog and you are one of my nominees for the Sunshine Blogger award- I was going to tell you about it tomorrow before the post on Friday. I hope you’ll accept, it’s a way to bring more people to your lovely blog and I am so sorry xx

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