Heart Talk… shoes inclusive


“Is it possible to break your own heart with your very own hands”? That used to be a very dominant question on my mind for a while until I experienced it firsthand.

Many times we assume like the typical human, that the word Heartbreak paints a portrait of a Victim and an “Oppressor” who selfishly walked out of an emotional relationship, with the door slammed in the face of the other party without even a sneak-peep backwards. But have you ever considered that the supposed Oppressor could at the same time be the victim in some very rare situations? Hmmm…deep huhn?

Some things are difficult to let go of, and oh like hell moving forward can be tough; especially when there’s been a lot of give ‘n’ take involved. But one thing is certain: Once you have counted and recounted your cost, basing your decision on a strong conviction you have on your inside which you probably like me had kept trying to shut-out but after much struggle decided to yield to, with the hope of a better good which in most cases, is yet unknown but 100% sure, you’ll have confidence in spite of the pain, to move on.

Through it all, just one friend stood/stands by me. He was actually there ahead of time, waiting to comfort me. The night after the incidence, I almost choked on my sobs. I was running out of breath and with my heart contracting at such a fast rate, I was terrified I’d pass out. But through the whole ordeal, it was His voice I heard, letting me know I’ll be fine. It was his warm embrace that rocked me to sleep, breathing as softly as a baby. No, He’s not some “side dude” I had. ( 😀 ). He’s my Friend who is and will always be there, my Counselor, my Strength, my Comforter, my Guide, my Advocate, my Helper, my Love, my Glory; the Lifter of my Head. He is the Holy Spirit of the Living God.

Through this phase, I’ve learnt, that regardless of how heavy the weight of emotions you feel for anyone; which in itself is a part of our many idiosyncrasies as humans, none can measure up to the intensity of the TLC (Tender Loving Care) which He gives. In love, no other offers even quarter as much intimacy and benefits as His.

Don’t get it twisted hun: This isn’t some cliché religious post. Naa. Far from it. This, is your Shoe-Savvy, Fashion Enthusiast pouring out her heart while passing through this transitional phase of her life . Yes she loves shoes, but guess what? She adores Jesus and He, is the center of her Joy & Worship.

So our gorgeous featured pair of shoes today is to all Fashionistas who in spite of the fashion craze and slippery splendor obtainable in our generation which so tugs at the minds of all with the 5 human senses, still deliberately keep their eyes up and their hearts focused on Jesus Christ. Here it is:

Shoe dazzle

Simply STUNNING right?

Three striking features of this sleek-piece caught my attention:

  1. The snake skin fabric used for the upper, beautifully tinted with a hue of green, blue, beige, and perfectly blended with black – the ultimate color toner.
  2. The contrast between the pure leather used for the upper and the suede fabric used for the sides and heels. Well thought-out.
  3. The playful crisscross laces with colorful side tassels wedged with catchy gold rings, which in all, add a sassy touch to the pair.

You’d agree with me that a discounted price of #9,000 is just perfect for this stylish, mature and multipurpose pair of heels, yea 😀 ? So to snag a pair for yourself and maybe an extra for your bestie, simply drop a comment leaving your email address and we’ll get right back in touch or better still, leave us an email at chicsolestoday@gmail.com indicating your interest and we’ll have it delivered to your doorstep.

But not to worry darl. Soon and “very” soon, you’ll be able to shop with ease for all your favorite foot wears from us. We’re working tirelessly to make that happen. So get ready! 😉

As always, a huge hug and peck to you for reading till the end. I really appreciate the commitment.

Is there any personal experience you’ve had which you found difficult getting over? Would you like to share how you were able to move past it? I would be extremely glad if you could drop a hint or two in the comments section. We just never know who desperately needs help but isn’t sure how to ask.

Thanks a lot! Looking forward to all your comments.

Have a lovely week ahead!



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